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renewlogy [ri-nyoo-luh-jee] n. - the science of renewing waste

Renew Phoenix is working with the City of Phoenix on a plastics renewal project.

Renew Phoenix's first phase is set to launch in 2021

Plastics Renewal in Phoenix

Renewlogy commenced construction of equipment for its City of Phoenix plastics renewal project in 2020, and is working closely with the City on launching the first Phase of the project in 2021. The project is in support of the city’s “Reimagine Phoenix” initiative to increase its diversion rate to 40 percent in the near-term, and ultimately reach zero waste by 2050. Renewlogy has previously successfully tested the City of Phoenix’s plastic waste at its Salt Lake City facility, and will be deploying its equipment at Reimagine Phoenix’s Resource Innovation Campus (RIC).

Each module is completed in 3 phases

Project Timeline for Modules

6 months: Renewlogy’s engineering team conducts an assessment of the project needs, design accordingly, and fabricate the system to meet compliance. The modular design allows the system to easily scale. 

3-6 months: We conduct rigorous testing and monitoring of the control system and processes. Systems are designed with optimal safety in mind.

3-6 months: We ensure the system meets local regulations and compliance. We provide extensive training until local operators feel confident in operating and managing system processes.

Renewlogy’s modules process 10 tons per day of plastic waste, and can be directly installed at waste management sites, in order to avoid transportation costs. The footprint of each of these modules is roughly the size of a tennis court (3,000 sq ft).

Follow the 4Rs



simplify your needs, consciously purchase unpackaged products



bring your own bags, utensils & bottles



compost your organics, use bins to recycle paper, metal, plastic & glass



consciously commit to a less wasteful life, be a role model