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renewlogy [ri-nyoo-luh-jee] n. - the science of renewing waste

Waste Zero is innovating across collection efforts and community challenges.

Waste Zero creates new collection mechanisms and helps individuals and companies lead less wasteful lives.



simplify your needs, consciously purchase unpackaged products



bring your own bags, utensils & bottles



compost your organics, use bins to recycle paper, metal, plastic & glass



consciously commit to a less wasteful life, be a role model

Collection Solutions

Creating access to plastic waste collection through centralized drop off points.

Plastic Muncher

The Plastic Muncher is a reverse vending machine for plastics, which can be placed in grocery stores and office buildings. Grocery stores, brands and businesses can sponsor the machines, and have their branding featured on the machine, on the envelopes, and in the app.

Energy Waste Zero

Hefty® EnergyBag® Program

The Hefty® EnergyBag® program offers an innovative way for cities to capture low-value plastics such as film, small form, multilayer packaging, and #4-6 plastics which are typically not accepted in regular…
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Waste Zero

Waste Zero Challenge

Renewlogy offers Waste Zero Challenges for companies, campuses and community groups. Each participant is provided a kit including a Waste Zero jar. “Non-bottle” plastics are captured into a separate…
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