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renewlogy [ri-nyoo-luh-jee] n. - the science of renewing waste

Renewlogy deepens its focus on River Plastics in new Agreement

Salt Lake City, UT (Dec. 19, 2020) –

Renewlogy has entered into a partnership with India-based Renew Rivers to explore how to convert river-bound plastics into feedstocks which could be made into new plastics. The project would be eligible for plastic credits under the new plastic credit initiative.

In India, roughly 80% of plastics are discarded as waste. With Renewlogy’s modular systems, it could convert this waste into valuable feedstocks. Testing of its first ever Indian system will commence in 2021-2022.

Renewlogy has previously supported the efforts of non-profit Renew Oceans (lndia) in community cleanups and uplifting waste pickers and will continue to support these efforts. Renewlogy is also in conversations with other Indian waste cooperatives on supporting similar community-based efforts.