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renewlogy [ri-nyoo-luh-jee] n. - the science of renewing waste

Renewlogy Launches Development of its Circular Plastics process

Salt Lake City, UT (Jan. 21, 2020) –

Renewlogy has launched and begun working on exploring multiple pathways to convert mixed plastic waste streams into feedstocks which can be used to make new plastics and other products. This research and development effort will also include testing on some of the most difficult to recycle plastics, such as multilayers and highly contaminated feedstocks.

Renewlogy’s founders have previously worked on developing intellectual property for technologies spanning from biomass conversion to plastic to fuel conversion, which underwent technical validation at the University of Utah.

Renewlogy hopes to work closely with the University of Utah in its new efforts, with the goal of creating more circular pathways for plastic waste. If successful, Renewlogy hopes to be able to incorporate these new circular pathways into its next planned project with the City of Phoenix in 2021-2022.