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renewlogy [ri-nyoo-luh-jee] n. - the science of renewing waste

Commercial scale systems for post-consumer waste

Renewlogy’s large scale modules convert low value plastics into high value fuels, offering tremendous economic and environmental value for cities and waste companies.

Earn revenue, prevent plastic from entering landfills, & mitigate plastic pollution.

Economic & Environmental Benefits

Landfill Solution

We help companies avoid landfill cost ($50/ton) and earn $600/ton of revenue. 

Lower Carbon Footprint

We help companies lower their carbon footprint. Fuels created by our systems have a 75% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional fossil fuels.


We help cities & companies earn profits. In the U.S, our operating cost is $30/BBL (diesel sells for roughly $100/BBL).


Large scale systems are completed in 3 phases

Project Timeline 12 months

6 months: Renewlogy’s team of expert engineers, designers, and fabricators will conduct an assessment of the client’s needs, design accordingly, and fabricate the system to meet compliance. Our modular design allows the system to easily scale. 

3 months: We conduct rigorous testing and monitoring of the system control panel, parts and processes. Our systems are designed with optimal safety in mind.

3 months: We ensure the system meets local regulations and compliance. We provide extensive training until clients feel confident in operating and managing system processes.

Renewlogy’s large modules process 10 tons per day of plastic waste, and can be directly installed at waste management sites, in order to avoid transportation costs. The footprint of each of these modules is roughly the size of a tennis court (3,000 sq ft).

Our process is continuous, automated and able to accept contaminated, mixed streams of plastics.

Steps of the Process

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US & Global Systems

​Our demonstration facility in Salt Lake City is the first of its kind designed to operate continuously in the United States at commercial scale. Renewlogy recently completed it’s second large scale facility in Nova Scotia, Canada and has a pipeline of commitments in other cities across North America.


Nova Scotia, Canada

In 2018, Renewlogy successfully completed cold and warm commissioning of a large-scale plastic conversion system in Salt Lake City before transporting it to Chester, Nova Scotia to be used by Canadian…
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Renew Phoenix

In 2019, Renewlogy was awarded an RFP from the City of Phoenix to process its plastics #3 - #7. The project, “Renew Phoenix” is a joint venture with GMR (Generate Materials Recovery). The proposed…
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Energy Waste Zero

Hefty® EnergyBag® Program

The Hefty® EnergyBag® program offers an innovative way for cities to capture low-value plastics such as film, small form, multilayer packaging, and #4-6 plastics which are typically not accepted in regular…
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Lowest operating and capital cost in the industry