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renewlogy [ri-nyoo-luh-jee] n. - the science of renewing waste

Renewlogy was born out of an MIT class project on electronic waste. After spending a summer working in India in e-waste, I observed that plastic waste was the largest challenge. It was heartbreaking to see large amounts being dumped in the environment and openly burned. The problem was not only environmental, but human, and I felt helpless seeing the waste pickers who were unfairly paying the price for our consumption culture in the West.

When I returned to MIT, we changed our focus to plastic waste. When we learned that less than 10% of plastic waste is recycled through traditional mechanical recycling, we turned our attention to chemical pathways that may create new end markets for low value plastics. Our next summer was spent at Lightspeed Ventures incubator building prototypes and testing catalysts, which gave us the confidence that our proprietary processes could fundamentally lower costs and create commercially viable new pathways for plastics.

Fast forward seven years later, we are proud to now have commercial operations rolling out across multiple geographies, and our mission is to remain at the forefront of innovation across plastic collection, cleanup, and the creation of new chemical feedstocks and end markets. Our goal is to create a true circular economy around the valuable molecules in plastic, so that none enters our environment.

We hope you will join us in our mission!
Priyanka Bakaya